City rally Dresden

Our city rally Dresden is an interesting mix of scavenger hunt, puzzle tour, outdoor escape game and guided city tour. Solve puzzles as you move through the city together and experience an exciting story from the past! Discover the city with its most important sights as well as unknown places in a completely new way. This makes your self-guided city tour a delightful adventure.

Highlights of the city rally Dresden

  • for 2 to 6 players per group with a playing time of about 2 to 3 hours
  • with lovingly researched story and connection to Dresden
  • with exciting puzzles at the buildings and locations - not at uninteresting GPS points
  • along the most beautiful and famous sights of the old town
  • you are part of the story and have the goal to solve the final puzzle
  • with interactive websites with app character for smartphones or tablets
  • whole game in english language
  • also wonderful as a gift idea or for time together

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 You have 1 year from the date of purchase to play the rally.

City rally Dresden

City rally Dresden

"The Goldmaker - Hostage of the King" - The Story

1709 in Dresden: The money-hungry Saxon king, August the Strong, took poor Johann Friedrich Böttger hostage. The young man had performed a miracle: he had produced a lump of gold! Now August wants to force him to make more. But it won't work! However, the dangerous experiments have already yielded an unexpected success: Böttger has discovered the recipe for porcelain! However, the glaze is still missing and August demands money or gold in huge quantities! Only you, Böttger's laboratory assistants, can still help the poor young man, because he is still locked up and being blackmailed by August...

City rally Dresden: 2 to 3 hours of fun in the old town of Dresden


You will get access data to our secret websites. They are interactive like an app. With this you can start the rally as soon as you arrive at the starting point at the Gottfried-Semper-Monument in Dresden (see map or Anfahrt). You do not need to download an extra app to play the game. You have 1 year starting with your purchase time to play the game.

While solving the puzzles, you move at walking pace in the area between the Brühlsche Terrasse, Kreuzkirche, Semperoper and Golden Horseman. The rally ends near the Augustus bridge. You will find clues for solving the riddles at well-known sights, information boards, etc.

Game start and duration:

You can start the city rally at any time. You can also, for example, book access now and start the city rally with your team at a later date. In total the game takes about 2 to 3 hours. There is no time limit. You can also take a break in between and continue playing afterwards.

What you need:

You need a smartphone with internet connection. A second cell phone for navigation is helpful, so you don't have to switch tabs between puzzles and navigation. If you play in the dark, it's best to take a really good flashlight with you.

Ideal team size:

You are more than 6 people? Then we recommend splitting up into several small groups, because otherwise experience shows that not everyone is well integrated into the game. You can also test which group is the fastest! You buy one account for each group (of 2 to 6 people). With several groups you can play with or against each other.

Price and order:

City rally Dresden (recommended for up to 6 players) for only 49,- €.

Payment by Paypal, instant bank transfer (Sofort), credit card or invoice with wire transfer. For invoices with wire transfer, please plan at least 7 days in advance. With all other payment options, the game will be activated immediately.

More info and FAQ:

If you still have questions or need more information, you can find the process and all the answers in our FAQ.

Our city rally

Other providers

  • get to know the sights of the city
  • few to no places of interest
  • puzzles directly at the sights
  • at uninteresting GPS points
  • the story is connected to the city
  • no connection to the city
  • based on a story from the past
  • simple or no story at all
  • coherent story to experience
  • no common thread through the story
  • we did our own research on site
  • the provider was not on site himself
  • 19 puzzle stations with tasks
  • only 8 to 10 puzzle stations
  • every rally is completely different
  • same game & story in every city
  • you don't need to install an app
  • you need to install an app
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This is what our players say about the city rally Dresden:

"Even as locals, we were able to discover many new things during the Dresden city rally - recommended for both locals and tourists. A route through the center of Dresden was developed with great attention to detail, even in the dark. Simply great fun!"

Jan Kraßler

"The city rally in Dresden is very well thought out and takes you through the historic old town. Some of the puzzles are tricky, but can all be solved with a bit of searching. Local knowledge is an advantage at one point or another, but it is also a great way for tourists to get to know the city better. In the dark it is worth having a strong flashlight with you. All in all, highly recommended!"

Sebastian Fichter

"Hello dear team, you've really come up with something 🙂 Your city rally in Dresden was great fun for us. And although the four of us are all from Dresden, we still learned a lot about our home town. Thank you and we'd love to go again!"

Wiebke D.

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City rally Dresden

The city rally along the famous sights in Dresden

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